• High DHW convenience through cylinder loading system (CLS) and integrated stainless steel storage tank (46 litres)
  • Hot water capability of >18 l/min
  • Modulation ratio up to 1:6
  • User friendly control via backlit LCD touchscreen
  • Built in filling loop
  • Improved sturdier casing
  • All parts accessible from the front for ease of servicing
  • Peak performance up to 200 l/10mins at temperature rise of 35 degree C
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty as standard
  • From 1st April 2016 Viessmann Trained Installers can now offer their customers an extended warranty option up to 10 years

Improved modulation

The modulating ratio over the entire output range is up to 1:6. This high ratio makes these boilers particularly suitable for use in small apartments and well insulated buildings. The user benefits from fewer appliance start-ups and therefore less operating noise. Because a lower level of stress is placed upon the appliance, the service life of components is consequently extended.

Backlit LCD touchscreen control

The Vitodens 111-W wall mounted gas condensing boilers are controlled by the new, backlit LCD touchscreen, which makes it easy to use and read in dark environments.

Wall mounted boiler with integral cylinder for the highest DHW convenience

The gas fired condensing boiler Vitodens 111-W is ideal for a flat or small family home, as well as larger properties with high hot water demand. It can easily be sited in an alcove in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room.

The Vitodens 111-W DHW storage combi, offers the highest draw-off rate amongst wall mounted appliances, and a constant outlet temperature. For this purpose, a stainless steel primary store with 46 litres capacity, and an electronic outlet temperature controller are integrated.

The Cylinder Loading System (CLS) ensures a continuous supply of hot water on demand. A standard bath (140 litres), for instance, fills in around 8 minutes, with a quick heat recovery of less than 5 minutes. A shower fitting, a kitchen sink or a washbasin, for example, can also be supplied with water, at the desired temperature, simultaneously (subject to cold water pressure and to tap flow restrictions).

The controller with built in room temperature sensor can be connected to an outside temperature sensor to run in weather compensation mode and the user-friendly dials allow rapid adjustment of the heating and domestic hot water temperatures, with a digital display showing operating conditions and temperatures. Sensors adjust the cylinder burner automatically to ensure the preset temperature is adhered to, even when running a bath or a shower.

The hot water performance is equivalent to a separate installed 150 litre un-vented cylinder. The Vitodens 111-W delivers large amounts of hot water in next to no time.


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