This in flue outdoor sensor from Baxi will provide a cost effective, easy to install way for installers to comply with the new Building Regulations which take effect in April 2018.

The in flue outdoor sensor clips on to the flue and detects weather conditions allowing the boiler to adjust and continue to work as efficiently as possible saving on your energy bills.

• The Multifit IFOS is suitable for use with horizontal flue systems up to 4 metres in length and is compatible with Baxi / Potterton combi boilers only.
• Sensor housing clips onto the air duct of the flue terminal
• Fits under the air duct – kept out of direct sunlight, so no need to fit on a north/north west wall
• Free flow of air over sensor – more accurate temperature sensing, ensuring best possible operation
• Two wire cable runs back to boiler down the flue air duct – extremely simple to fit, with no drilling or disruption
• Very few parts – extremely simple solution compared to many other weather sensors


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